Minerva Product Line

All Minerva products require no internet or power. Simply place the solar panel in the sun and explore millions of websites.


Minerva ToolBox


Minerva ToolBox is a the first computer lab in a box, no larger than a carry on suitcase.

This kit contains 12 tablets, power supply, battery, and the Minerva Network to allow for access to millions of webpages - all without power or electricity. Simply place the included solar panel outside and your computer lab is up and running 24/7

Minerva Solo


Minerva Solo contains the robust Minerva Network, battery, and attached solar panel.

Functioning on the bring-bring-your-own-device system, Minerva Solo broadcasts a Wifi network 24/7, entirely powered by solar panels. Members of the community can connect their personal phones, laptops and tablets to the network to communicate with peers, drop in for online classes, download a book or search through millions of webpages. All without any internet connection.